Sunday, September 18, 2011

Asking Questions

This audio clip is available to download at this link:

Hi! we're asking questions today!

Press the play button and be ready to listen to the fisrt two lines in Haitian Creole :)

Bonjou Zanmi! - Hello friend!
Kouman nou ye? - How are you?

1. Eske ou pare? - Are you ready?

2. Eske ou fatige? - Are you tired?

3. Eske w fini? - Are you done?
    Eske ou fini? - Are you done?

4. Eske w la? - Are you here?  or  Are you there?

5. Eske w byen? - Are you well?  or Are you ok?

6. Eske ou konprann? - Do you understand?

7. Eske ou kwè? - Do you believe?

8. Eske ou dakò? - Do you agree?

9. Eske ou genyen l? - Do you have it?
    Eske ou genyen li? - Do you have it?

10. Eske ou renmen m? - Do you love me?

Thank You - mèsi
Goodbye - Orevwa

Track: Tanbou Nou by Zenglen

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