Sunday, September 18, 2011

Negative Sentences - Part 1

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Bonswa tout moun! - Good evening everyone!
 Pa - is the determiner for the Haitian Creole negative form.

1. m pa konprann - I don't understand
2. m pa konnen - I don't know
3. nou pa kapab - we cannot
4. li pa kontan - he's not happy
5. m pa pale Kreyòl twò byen - I don't speak Creole too well

there isn't / there aren't
6. pa gen lekòl jodi a - there's no school today
7. pa gen pwoblèm - there's no problem
8. pa gen moun la - there's no one there
9. pa gen anyen la - there's nothing here

10. pa kouri - don't run
11. pa gade m - don't look at me
12. pa enkyete w - don't worry
13. pa pale twò fò - don't talk too loud
14. pa fè sa - don't do that
15. pa fache - don't be angry
16. pa fache avè m - don't be mad at me

Bonswa e orevwa - good evening and goodbye

track: Lè latè Te San Lanmou by Caribbean Gospel Mizik

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