Sunday, September 18, 2011

How pronounced the accented letters in Haitian Creole versus their non accented counterparts.

In Haitian Creole, the accented words letters are pronounced differently than their non-accented counterparts.

Listen to this audio, scroll down to follow along.  Thanks!

The three accented letters in Haitian Creole are: e, o, an.

1. O pronounced like letter "o" in  slow.
    bo (kiss)
    mo (word)

2. ò pronounced like letter "o" in dot.
    bò (side)
    mò (the dead)

3. e pronounced like "day"
    ke (tail)
    te (tea)

4. è pronounced like the letter e in get.
    kè (heart)
    tè (land, earth)

5. an
    pan (peacock)
    tan (time)

6. àn
    pàn (inconvenience, dilemma)
    soutàn (the frock that a priest wears)

The accent is called:  aksan grav  or  aksan fòs.
Spelling accented words in Haitian Creole.

7. mòn (m-ò-n)
8. vètè (v-è-t-è)
9. pàn (p-à-n)


10 . dakò (agree)
11.  miyò (better)
12. tablo (blackboard or a painting)
13. panno (wall)
14. souke (to shake)
15. woule (to roll)
16. lanmè (ocean)
17. vètè (earthworm)
18. manman (mother)
19. frekan (arrogant, bold)
20. bekàn (bicycle)
21. avwàn (oatmeal)

Enben se tout.  Mèsi e orevwa.
Well that's all.  Thanks and goodbye.

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