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Phonics for "OU" and its contracted form "W"

"w" is the contracted form of Haitian Creole "ou".

"w" or "ou" both translate the words 'you, your, and yours'
papa ou - your father
papa w - your father

M renmen ou - I love you
M renmen w - I love you

Ou ap dòmi. - You're sleeping.
Wap dòmi. - You're sleeping.

Sa se pa ou la. - This is yours
Sa se pa w la. - This is yours

Part 2
Haitian Creole speakers often use "w" instead of "ou" in writing and speaking.
"w" comes after words that end with nasal and non nasal vowels only.
manman w - your mother
kò w - your body
chapo w - your hat
M rele w - I call you
Nou kwè w. - We believe you.

Part 3
"w" does not come after words that end with a consonant.
"ou" is used instead.
pitit ou - your child
t ou - your head
machin ou - your car
pawòl ou - your word
M konprann ou - I understand you

Part 4
Listen to the "ou" and "w" sound after the words in the list below.
Feel free to repeat after me.

Click on the play button and listen:

1. Papa w - your father

2. Kò w - your body

3. vwazen w - your neighbor

4. kabann ou - your bed

5. liv ou - your book

6. M ekri w - I write to you

7. M renmen w. - I like you.

8. M konprann ou. - I understand you

9. Sa se manman w. - This is your mom.

10. Lave figi w. - Wash your face

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