Sunday, September 18, 2011

Phoenics for Haitian Creole verb "FINI"

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Bonswa mezanmi!
Hello my friends!

Fini → depleted, drained, get done, to wrap up, to conclude

1. Klas la ap fini a 8:00 è.
   The class will wrap up at 8:00 o'clock.

2. Fim nan fini.  An ale lakay nou.
    The movie is over.  Let's go home.

3. Eske ou fini?
    Are you done?

4. Kilè wap fini?
    When will you be done?

5. Manje a fini.
    There's no more food.

Fini → fin (when used as an auxillary), it is placed before a verb to indicate that one is done with a task.

6.  M fin manje.
    I'm done eating.

7. Rele m lè ou fin etidye.
    Call me when you're done studying.

8. Eske ou fin pale?
    Are you done talking?

Sometimes, "fin" may indicate the perfect tense.

9. Ou fin pran tout sa m genyen.
    You have taken all I have.

10. Ou fin kraze kay la.
      You have destroyed the house.

11. M fin ba ou tout sa m genyen.
      I have given you all that I possess.

Se tout, mèsi e orevwa!
That's all, thank you, and goodbye!

Track: Poukisa w pa Pale Manman by Manno Charlemagne

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