Sunday, September 18, 2011

Verb: To Want

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Bonswa mezanmi!
Good evening friends!

Please remember that 'M' is a contraction for 'mwen' which means 'I' or 'me'.
You may substitute 'm' for 'mwen' if you wish.

Want (v.) - Vle

1.  M vle yon machin.
    I want a car.

2.  M vle yon pizza.
    I want a pizza.
   or, if you like tacos, you may say 'taco':)

3.  M vle pale.
    I want to talk.

4.  M vle ale.
    I want to go.

5.  Kisa ou vle jodi a?
    What do you want today?

6.  Eske ou vle ale avè m?
    Do you want to go with me?

7.  Eske ou vle danse?
    Do you want to dance?

8.  M vle di ou mèsi
    I want to say thank you

9.  M vle konnen la verite.
    I want to know the truth.

10.  M pa vle anyen.
      I don’t want anything.

11.  Kisa nou vle nan lavi a?
      What do we want in life?

12.  Nou vle libète, respè ak lanmou
      We want freedom, respect and love

Se tout, mèsi e orevwa!
That's all, thank you and goodbye!

Track: Nou vle, Nou vle by Ansy Dérose

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