Sunday, September 18, 2011

Asking "Where..."

Before we continue on to Exercise 7, here are the answers to Exercise 6 (hope you did well with them).

Answers (Exercise 6)
1. Li pat ale lekòl.
2. Li prale nan teyat la.
3. Yale nan klas chak lendi.
4. Leyla tale nan magazen an.
5. Joujou pa prale nan fèt la.


This audio clip is downloadble from this link:
Click on the play button, listen and follow along.

Let us ask questions with where.

Where - kote
Where - ki kote (or sometimes, Ki bò)
Where - ki bò

1. Where are you? - Ki kote ou ye?  or
2. Where are you? - Kote ou ye?

3. Where's the car? - Ki kote machin nan ye?  or
4.. Where is the car? - Kote machin nan?

5. Where did you go? - Ki kote ou te ale?   or
6. Where did you go? - Kote ou te ale?

7. Where will you stay? - Ki kote ou ap rete?  or
8. Where will you stay? - Kote ou ap rete?

9. Where are the trees? - Ki kote pye bwa yo ye?  or
10. Where are the trees? - Kote pye bwa yo?

Mèsi e orevwa :)

Track:  Nonm sa by Emeline Michel

Let's Practice

Your turn... Please translate the following sentences.

1. Where is the house?

2. Where did you learn to speak Haitian Creole?

3. Where will you sleep tonight?

4. Where did you hear this song?

5. Where should I go?

Happy translating. I'll post the answers on the next blog. Thanks.

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