Sunday, September 18, 2011

Possessives Part 1 - Possessive Adjectives

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Bonjou a tout moun kap koute!
Hello to everyone listening in!

Part 1 - possessive adjectives (my, your, our.)

Part 2 - possesive nouns (Joe's car)

In Haitian Creole the possessive adjectives are:
mwen, m - my
ou, w -  your
li, l - his, her
nou, n - our
nou, n - your
yo - their

1. papa mwen.
    my dad / my father

2. papa m.
    my dad / my father

3. Papa m malad.
    My dad is ill.
4. chapo li
    his hat / her hat

5. chapo l
    His hat / her hat

6. Chapo l tonbe.
    His hat fell
7. liv ou
    your book.

8. liv ou a
   your book

9. Liv ou a ble.
   Your book is blue.
10. zanmi w
     your friend

11. zanmi w la
     your friend

12. Zanmi w la komik.
      Your friend is funny.
13. Ban m men ou.
     Give me your hand.

14. Mwen renmen cheve w.
      I like your hair.

15. Biznis mwen an ap mache byen.
      My enterprise is going well.

16. Pitit yo a lopital.
      Their child is at the hospital

17. Li pèdi tèt li.
     She lost her head.
Enben se tout.  Mèsi e Orevwa!
Well that's all.  Thank you and Goodbye!

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