Sunday, September 18, 2011

Why? ... Because!

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Asking questions with 'why'.
Answering questions with 'because'.

Bonjou Mezanmi e Byenveni!
Hello friends and welcome!

'poukisa', 'pouki' is the Haitian Creole words for 'why'.
'paske' is the Haitian Creole word for 'because'.

1. Poukisa ou kontan?
    Why are you happy.
    M kontan paske m damou
    I’m happy because I’m in love

2. Poukisa ou fache?
    Why are you angry?
    M fache paske m grangou.
    I'm angry because I'm hungry.

3.  Poukisa ou wo konsa?
     Why are you so tall?  
    M wo paske papa m wo.
    I'm tall because my dad's tall

4. Poukisa li grangou?
    Why is he hungry?
    Li grangou paske li poko manje.
    He's hungry because he hasn't eaten yet.

5.  Poukisa yo la?
    Why are they here?
   Yo la paske yo bezwen ou.
   They're here because they need you.

6. Poukisa wap gade m?
    Why are you looking at me?
   Map gade w paske wap gade m.
   I'm looking at you because you're looking at me.

7. Poukisa wap pale?
    Why are you talking?
    Map pale paske wap koute m.
    I'm talking because you're listening to me.

8. Poukisa wap fè sa?
    Why are you doing this?
    Map fè sa paske m renmen w.
    I'm doing this because I love you.

9. Poukisa lap kriye?
    Why is he/she crying?
    Lap kriye paske li kontan
    He/She is crying because he/she's happy.

-Poukisa li tris konsa?
-Li tris paske li sonje fanmi li.

10. Poukisa wap souri?
     Why are you smiling?
      Map souri paske mwen wè w.
     I'm smiling because I see you.

Track: Haiti's Hymn of Hope
by Rio Delafeuille

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