Sunday, September 18, 2011

Negative Sentences - Part 2

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Last time we made negatives sentences such as:
M pa paleI don’t speak
m pa konprann - I don't understand

Today we’ll make negatives sentences with NEVER.
Jamè - never
Janm - never

Jamè is a French word for never. In French it is written as jamais
Janm is the creole word derived from jamais.

In Haitian Creole we use both jamè and janm
Negative sentence = pa janm, or pa jamè

1. M pa konnen I don’t know
2. M pa janm konnenI never know

3. Nou pa palewe don’t talk
4. Nou pa janm pale - We never talk

5. Ou pa konprannyou don’t understand
6. Ou pa janm konprannyou never understand

7. Pa gen moun la - There’s no one here
8. Pa janm gen moun lathere’s never anyone here

9. Pa lagedon’t give up
10. Pa janm lagenever give up, don’t ever give up

Let us look at a few more examples:

11. M pa janm li I never read
12. Li pa janm travayit never works
13. M pa janm bwè I never drink
14. Li pa janm twò tait’s never too late
15. M pa janm sèlI’m never alone

16. Pa janm bliye mdon’t ever forget me
17. Pa janm lage mdon’t ever let me go
18. Pa janm pale ak bouch plennever talk with your mouth full
19. Pa janm di jamènever say never
20. Pa janm sispann souri - never stop smiling

Believe - kwè
How would you translate: I never believe

Sit downchita
How would you translate : I never sit down

.Mèsi, orevwa e pa janm sispann aprann
Thank you, goodbye and never stop learning.

Track: La machin a danse by La Compagnie Creole

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