Sunday, September 18, 2011

Look at.... Look for

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Bonjou Mezanmi!
Hello friends!

Look at - gade
look for - chèche, chache

Look at:

1.  Map gade ou.
     I am looking at you.

2.  Lap gade ou.
     He/ She is looking at you.

3.  Gade sa ou fè.
     Look at what you did.

4.  An nou gade verite a.
     Let's look at the facts.

5.  Kisa wap gade?
     What are you looking at?

Look for:

6. Kisa wap chèche?
    What are you looking for?

7. M tap chache ou.
    I've been looking for you.

8. Map chache yon travay.
    I'm looking for a job.

9. Eske ou jwenn sa ou tap chache a?
    Did you find what you were looking for? 

10. Non, m pa jwenn sa m tap chache a.
      Non, I didn't find what I was loooking for.

or short answer for #10.

10. Non, m pat jwenn li.
      No I did not find it.

Mèsi, se tout pou jodi a, e orevwa!
Thanks, that's all for today, goodbye!

Track: Pa fè mwen la penn o.

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