Sunday, September 18, 2011

Usage and Phonics for Haitian Creole word "KONSA"

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Bonjou e Chapo Ba a tout moun!
Hello and Hats Off to everyone!

Konsa (from the french "Comme ça") → just like that, in this way, so

1.  Sa te pase konsa.
     It happened in this manner.

2.  Konsa, nou kapab travay ansanm.
     In this way we are able to work together.

3.  Li di m konsa, "Sòti la!"
     He told me (as follows): "Get out of here!"

4.  Yo di konsa, lanmou avèg.
     They say that love is blind

5.  Poukisa ou pale konsa?!
     Why do you talk so much?!

6.  Poukisa ou dòmi konsa?!
     Why do you sleep so much?!

7.  Poukisa ou renmen li konsa?!
     Why do you like him/her so much?!

8.  Se konsa yo fè li.
     That's how they do it.

9.  Se konsa sa te pase
     That's the way it happened.

10. Se konsa lavi a ye.
     That's how life goes.

Mèsi anpil!  Pase yon bon jounen e orevwa!
Thanks a lot!  Have a nice day and goodbye!

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