Sunday, September 18, 2011

Let's go!

Let's go! - An nou ale!

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Follow along.  First sentence is in Creole as written here.

Bonswa tout moun! - Good evening everyone!

To go - ale, al*

Let's - an nou  - (contracted*: ann, an'n, an-n)

*Note: Contracted and non-contrated forms are used interchangeably.
1. Ann al dòmi. - Let's go to sleep.

2. Ann al travay. - Let's go to work.

3. Ann ale lavil. - Let's go to town

4. Ann al chache papa m. - Let's go pick up my dad.

5. Ann al legliz. - Let's go to church.

6. An-n al manje. - Let's go  eat.

7. Ann al gade yon fim. - Let's go see a movie.

8. Ann ale promennen. - Let's go strolling.

9. Ann ale lekòl. - Let's go to school.

10. Ann ale Ayiti. - Let's go to Haiti.

Se tou pou jodi a.  Mèsi, orevwa, e an nou pale Kreyòl.
That's all for today.  Thank you, goodbye, and let's speak Creole.

Track: Caraïbes Oh by La Compagnie créole.

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