Sunday, September 18, 2011

Possessives Part 2 - Possessives Nouns


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Bonjou a tout moun k ap koute!
Hello to everyone listenning in!


1. Joseph's car    
    the car of the Joseph   
   machin Joseph la

No translation for preposition "of"
2. the man's shoe
    the shoe of the man
    soulye mesye a
3. the little girl's hat
    the hat of the little girl
    chapo ti fi a   

4. the children's beds
    the beds of the children
    kabann timoun yo

5. my father's house
    the house of my father
    kay papa mwen 
6. Joe and Marie's wedding was beautiful.
    The wedding of the Joe and Marie was beautiful.
    Maryaj Joe ak Marie a te bèl.

7. The hospital's windows blew up.
    The windows of the hospital blew up.
    Fenèt lopital la pete*

Did you know?
*Pete (v. n.) - to blow up, to explode, to fart

8.  Mrs. Johnson's class was interesting
     The class of the Mrs. Johnson was enteresting.
    Klas Madanm Johnson nan te enteresan

9. My mother's house is old.
     The house of my mother is old.
    Kay manman mwen an ansyen.

10.Your friend's book is heavy.
      The book of your friend is heavy
     Liv zanmi w la lou.

11. You are my heart's desire.
      You are the desire of my heart.
     Ou se dezi kè mwen.

Enben se tout.  Mèsi e orevwa!
Well that's all.  Thanks and goodbye!

Learn more about possessive nouns at this link:
Track:  Ou Pi La  from klasik twoubadou

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