Sunday, September 18, 2011

I'm going to → M pral

Using Haitian Creole 'm pral' to indicate an event that'll occur in the future.

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Listen and follow along (Intermediate Level)

Bonswa tout moun!
Good evening everyone!
1.  M pral rele manman m.
    I'm going to call my mom.

2.  M pral tann ou.
     I'm going to wait for you

3.  M pral manje yon pòm.
     I'm going to eat an apple.

4.  M pral mande l sòti.
     I'm going to ask her/him out.

5. M pral chache yon travay.
    I'm going to look for a job.

6.  M pral kouche.
    I'm going to lie down.

7.  M pral bezwen plis.
     I'm going to need more

8.  M pral sonje ou.
     I'm going to miss you.

9.  M pral wè si ou kapab
    I'm going to see if you can.

10. M pral repoze.
    I'm going to get some rest.

Mèsi e orevwa.
Thank you and goodbye.

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