Sunday, September 18, 2011

What are we Eating Tonight?

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Bonjou mezanmi!Hello friends!

1.Kisa n ap manje aswè a?
What are we eating tonight?

2.Kisa ou ta renmen manje?
What would you like to eat?

3.Kisa ou ta renmen bwè?
What would you like to drink?

Mwen ta renmen... - I would like...

4.M ta renmen yon tas kafe
I would like a cup of coffee.

5.M ta renmen yon tas te.
I would like a cup of tea.

6.M ta renmen yon ti dlo, silvouplè.
I would like some water, please.

7.M ta renmen yon kola, silvouplè.
I would like a soda, please.

Eske ou genyen...? - Do you have...?

8. Kisa ou genyen?
What do you have?

9.Eske ou gen sandwich?
Do you have any sandwiches?

10.Eske ou gen pwason?
Do you have fish?

11.Eske ou gen soup?
Do you have any soup?

12.Eske ou gen poul?
Do you have any chicken?

Ban m... - Give me...

13.Ban m yon salad, silvouplè .
Give me a salad, please.

14. Ban m nenpòt sa ou genyen.
Give me whatever you have.

15.Ban mwen yon sandwich avèk yon byè.
I’ll have a sandwich and a beer.

Li twò... - It's too...
16 .Li twò pike.
It’s too spicy.

17. Li twò sikre.
It’s too sweet.

18.Li twò sale.
 It’s too salty.

19.Li bon.
It’s just right.

20. Li gou.
It tastes good.

21. Li gen bon gou.
It tastes good.

Enben, se tout pou jodi a - Well, that's all for today.
Mèsi e bon apeti! - Thank you, and bon apetit!

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