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Love and Falling in Love

Hi everyone!
Thanks for posting your questions.
I understand that some of you would like to wish a Happy Valentine's Day to your loved one in Haitian Creole, and... you need some time to get acquainted with the foreign words.
Here is a list of words and phrases along with an audio recording of the correct pronunciation.

Here, audio for part I is available for download at this link:

Click play to listen. Be ready to hear the first two lines in Haitian Creole. It's a greeting.

Bonjou Mezanmi! - Hello friends!
Kijan nou ye? - how are you?

Part 1 - Words and Expressions
1. Bònn fèt Sent Valanten! - Happy Valentine's Day!
2. cheri - sweetie, love, sweetheart
3. kòkòt - sweetie, sweetheart, honey
4. ti chouchou - sweetie
5. ti boubout - sweetie
6. chouboulout - sweetie
5. renmen - to love (v.)
8. lanmou - love (n.)
9. lanmou mwen!  - my love!
10. damou - in love
11.nou damou - we're in love
12. fè lanmou - making love
13. flè - flowers
14. yon ti nounous - a teddy bear
15. chokola - chocolate
16. kado - gift
Here, audio for Part II is available for download at this link:

Part 2 - Sentences
1. Mwen renmen w - I love you

2. M damou pou ou - I'm in love with you

3. Ou se tout pou mwen - you mean a lot to me

4. m fou pou ou - I'm crazy for you

5. m renmen w a la foli - I'm crazy for you

6. ban m yon ti bo - give me a kiss

7. m pa ka viv san ou - I can't live without you

8. m pote yon ti flè pou ou - I brought you some flowers

9. m pote yon ti nounous pou ou - I brought you a Teddy bear

10. m pote yon ti chokola pou ou - I brought you some chocolate

11. m pote yon ti kado pou ou - I brought you a little gift

Here, audio for part III is available for download through this link:

Part 3 - Other Phrases

Mwen renmen w tou - I love you too

Mwen damou - I'm in love 

Ou se fanm mwen - You are my girl

Ou se nonm mwen - You are my man

Ou se mari m - you are my husband

Ou se madanm mwen -  you are my wife

menaj - girlfriend

menaj - boyfriend

Fevriye - February

Eske ou ta vle soti avèk mwen? - would you go out with me?

M ta renmen fè yon ti soti avèk ou - I would like to go out with you

Men wi! - yes!,   absolutely!,    sure!

Non mèsi, petèt yon lòt fwa - No thanks! maybe some other time

Nou renmen - we're dating

tonbe damou - fall in love

fiyansay - engagement 
Eske ou ta vle marye avèk mwen? - Would you marry me?

Marye avèk mwen - marry me.

Maryaj -Wedding

lin de myèl - Honeymoon

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